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Alex Bausch

Alex Bausch
Alex Bausch has a degree in Business Administration (at Webster University, Leiden) as well as a degree in Computer Science & Business (University of San Diego). After completing his studies he started his career at Bausch Datacom, a datacommunications and internet services company. In 1997 he became the founding partner of LIFT-OFF, a business accelerator company with a network of associates in countries across Europe and the Middle East. Among his many clients were companies like Raytheon, Jabber, and In 2009, Alex founded VeliQ B.V.. Veliq is specialised in securing and managing of mobile devices.
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Banks and insurance companies are modernizing online and mobile engagement to compete on a seamless customer experience.

Industries are being shaped today by disruptive technology and consumer expectations for simple and convenient experiences. One of the industries most dramatically impacted is financial services, as can been seen by the rise of online only banks. According to recent studies, the number of bank visits per month for average customers has fallen more then 90% since 2000.  Smartphones are now the main resource for banking, offering customer anytime, anywhere access to their finances.  Traditional corporations are looking for ways to differentiate as the younger generations (also known as the Millennial Generation or Generation Y) don’t think their bank offers anything different than any other bank.

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 Insurance companies are leveraging mobile technology to renew focus to the customer. Today’s disruptive technologies are opening new ways of engaging with the customer, altering the business model altogether. In order to gain a competitive edge, companies are embracing secure - mobile technology to enable digital transformation. 

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Read my latest white paper on enabling secure mobility.


The use of mobile Apps to engage with customers continues to increase rapidly in sheer volume. Forward-looking companies embrace mobile strategies to realize digital transformation and reap the benefits from the apps they deploy. These apps often integrate new, mobile-specific data and authorization types that require back-end support. This paper exposes today’s mobile identity and security needs and details the holistic solution available to capitalize on the mobility opportunity.

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White paper: Digital Transformation Insurance Companies