Onegini is set for international growth with new CEO Ronald Kasteel

Author: Thomas Bröker

Last updated: August 1, 2022

WOERDEN, 14 SEPTEMBER 2018: Ronald Kasteel, former CEO of Ordina (IT service management) among other companies and co-founder of KeyLane (insurance software) has turned his attention to Dutch software company Onegini. “As a relatively small and unknown business, but one that has an impressive client base in the Dutch financial sector, I see plenty of potential to put Onegini on the international map.”

As he takes full control of the day-to-day management of the Woerden-based software company, Kasteel will be drawing on his extensive experience. Having spent 12 years as CEO and chairman of Ordina, he knows what he’s doing. In recent years he has focused on facilitating the success of what he calls ‘beautiful Dutch companies’. “I frequently invest in companies, but occasionally I want to be part of the management because I’m interested in the field, because I believe in the product and because I think there’s something to build on. Onegini is such a company.”



With its Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) software technology Onegini is the market leader in the Dutch financial sector. But consumer apps, such as those developed by Coolblue, are also equipped with Onegini’s state-of-the-art software. “We can use this expertise to great effect in the financial sector, where there are still extensive gains to be made in the digital onboarding of customers,” adds Kasteel. “Onegini has the right software product. In addition to prestigious Dutch clients such as Aegon, Van Lanschot, AON, Univé, VGZ and Obvion, the company recently expanded into the Belgian and German markets, and may well enter the Scandinavian and the United States in the near future.”


Founders Jeroen Starrenburg and Denis Joannides are delighted that Ronald Kasteel has joined them. They will remain fully involved in the company, which has offices in Woerden, The Hague and Gdansk. “This is the right time for Ronald Kasteel to take over as CEO,” says Starrenburg. “We are experiencing rapid growth, and that requires a strong leader. It’s a huge compliment for the entire team that Kasteel wants to commit his time to the company. We’re looking forward to securing more funding and spreading our wings internationally.” Ronald Kasteel