Collaboration Incentro and Onegini for a Safe and Smart User Experience

Author: Clayton Vergeer

Last updated: August 1, 2022

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January 16, 2017, Woerden, The Netherlands Incentro and Onegini have announced they will be collaborating to provide their customers with a safer and smarter user experience for end users.  The ‘My-Domain’ environment is being developed by Mendix and Xamarin application development with a Onegini log-in.  Companies can therefore conveniently offer their customers flexibility and secure log-in capabilities.

Partners in Crime

Incentro is an ICT service provider specialized in online services, enterprise solutions and business intelligence. They help their customers achieve their business-related goals via applications.  Meanwhile, Onegini is specialized in personal data protection as well as transactions made with multiple devices.  The combination of these companies provides customers with a more flexible solution anchored on a secure user friendly experience.   

Security as a Priority

Consumers log-in on any number of devices ranging from mobile phones to laptops and tablets – all without passwords. Incentro has made this possible with the help of Mendix or Xamarin as platform developers in the cloud. To bring security and privacy together, Incentro has begun working with Onegini. This application security company provides the software to keep authentication capabilities, protection of personal information and secure transactions safe under both lock and key.  This, all with a focus on the user experience.

The ‘My-Domain’: The Future of Customer Service

In a personalized ‘My-Domain’ environment, consumers, co-workers, patients and students can be productive online.  It offers them digital solutions where they can do what they need to do conveniently and independently. Their designated organizations also maintain an oversight of the customer’s information and thereby adapt to provide personalized customer service continuously. 

Imagine that every month, a consumer pays for more data than they actually use.  The organization providing the service can offer to lower the consumer’s costs due to their low usage.  However, knowledge of possible problems (with the appropriate solutions) can be proactively sent to the customer and vice versa.  The combination of online customer data and brick-and-mortar shops gives an organization the opportunity to give their customer a surprising personalized offer.

About Incentro

Incentro is an ICT service provider, specialized in the online delivery of enterprise solutions and business intelligence.  Incentro assists various organizations in monetizing their information.  To do this, Incentro specializes in creative, innovative and relevant solutions.  Around 250 specialists at Incentro (known as Incentro-nauts) put passion in their work and therefore there’s a reason why they’ve been listed in the top 3 of ‘Great Places to Work’ 5 times in a row.  Moreover, they collaborate with 500 organizations and have offices in the Netherlands, Spain and Turkey.

About Onegini

Onegini protects the personal information of its’ customers end users and allows for secure transactions at all times, on all devices.  Onegini’s award winning Mobile Security Platform offers organizations a simple way to provide the best user experience with the best mobile application security.  The Onegini team consists of security specialists that identify new threats in the mobile world and counter them with state-of-the-art protection.  Onegini protects the account details of millions of end users of bank, insurance and transportation applications.

Onegini has offices stationed in the Netherlands and Poland respectively.


More information?

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