Customer success during COVID-19 outbreak

Author: Ronald Kasteel

Last updated: August 1, 2022

Making online business easy and safe during COVID-19

At Onegini, we care about making online business easy and safe. In turbulent times, it is even more important to keep our promises so our customers and partners can focus on their critical business goals. A robust approach to risk management and operational effectiveness is integral to our business. Through our continuity approach we have been prepared for abnormal events for some time.

Update 26th of March: At the moment, there isn’t any negative impact of the Onegini service due to COVID-19. We will continue to assess our plans, and share relevant updates, as warranted.

The following measures are an integral part of our COVID-19 protocol.

Business Continuity: Employees & office
The Onegini management and HR team are continuously reviewing and actively implementing the instructions as set by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and Environment (RIVM). We trust that the measures are enough to continue our services because:

  1. We can rely on the fact that our critical capabilities are spread over three locations in Netherlands, Poland and Germany
  2. Our infrastructure is running on AWS and independent of our offices and
  3. Our office business continuity is based on “no specific location” which means that all our employees are able to act from home and we can continue our services even if offices are temporarily closed.

The following measures are currently active:

  • All staff works from home
  • Travelling between offices and international travel for employees is prohibited
  • Internal company meetings as well as meetings with prospects and customers will be held digitally
  • Onegini cancelled its presence on all international and local marketing events and will only be active digitally

As of now, no colleagues have been diagnosed with carrying the virus nor are known to have symptoms.

Business Continuity: Software
Should a critical event to the organization occur, the source code of Onegini products will be made available to customers that have a corresponding clause in their contractual agreement. Using the source code, the third party is able to run and/or maintain the software products Onegini makes themself. This mechanism is called a software escrow construction, and is delivered through a trusted third party service provider. Every release of a major version of Onegini software will be stored at this third party provider. This third party software escrow provider is currently the NCC Group.

Business Continuity: Service
Service business continuity is defined in terms of how well we are able to recover from disaster scenarios that affect our cloud service availability. Disaster scenarios would involve the unavailability of resources at our cloud infrastructure provider (currently Amazon Web Services), or human errors in deployment processes. Such an event is called a service disaster event. Our infrastructure is built to achieve the following goals:

  • Recovery point objective: the amount of time before which data can be recovered in case of a service disaster event (10 minutes)
  • Recovery time objective: the amount of time before which service can be restored in case of a service disaster event (4 hours)

The operations manager periodically tests our infrastructure to ensure that these objectives are met in a simulated disaster scenario.

For further questions, get in touch with Pieter Hartman (chief Research & Development of Onegini)