Delegated User Management: Onegini's latest feature!

Author: Sheree Walsh

Last updated: August 1, 2022

Serious business really does mean serious solutions. Over the past 10 years the way in which customers engage with their insurers has changed. The emergence of apps for insurance customers to submit claims has become the norm. Simultaneously, the way in which insurance companies handle their intermediaries has also undergone a significant change, with some insurers even investing in a separate broker portal (much to the expense of their own budget).

With data security and compliance at the forefront of every insurance company's agenda, Onegini is pleased to release the Delegated User Management feature to lend a hand to insurance companies whose intermediaries regularly deal with customer policy management information and contract data.

Policy management with a difference

  • Get started with intermediaries
  • Share policy documentation in a space that is secure
  • Track all activity and changes
  • Save time: select a trusted contact to manage user accounts at intermediary-level
  • Keep a bird's-eye view of their intermediaries

Stand out for the right reasons

Whether you’ve left your GDPR homework to the last minute, or have been preparing diligently for months, there is no such thing as "too compliant" in today's world. Going the extra mile to protect customer data can only strengthen their trust. The new directive presents a nice opportunity for insurance companies to show innovation when it comes to their customer data management.

Onegini: compliance just got easier

If you haven't had the time to innovate, we've done that for you. Get in touch to find out what innovations Onegini has been working to help companies achieve a more secure, compliant, and customer-centric approach to online business.

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