Denis Joannides explains CIAM in 1 minute

Author: Denis Joannides

Last updated: August 1, 2022

In this video, Onegini's CSO, Denis Joannides, explains how a Customer Identity and Access Management platform as Onegini Connect can benefit the financial industry in less than one minute.


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If you want to be successful as a financial, you have to make your customers digital and engage with them in a meaningful way. That is why 61% of financials are planning to implement a Customer Identity and Access Management solution. I truly believe that the ability of your organisation to safely register, authenticate and protect the privacy of your customers is the key to building a successful digital platform. Our platform empowers more than 100 financials. Managing strong digital identities for their customers, partners and brokers across all digital channels such as web, mobile and chat. With Onegini you can focus on what matters most, serving your customers online.