DigiD: high cost for pension funds

Author: Tatiana Cury

Last updated: August 1, 2022

In the Netherlands we have DigiD which is an online ID that allows people to access many services and government websites. This access also includes the pension funds.


Financieel Dagblad: Access costs are already around € 5 million

In this article published in Financieel Dagblad, according to Edith Maat, from the Pension Federation, people are looking more and more at their pension information and each time they login with DigiD, additional costs are charged. Access costs are already around € 5 million. Currently, a fund pays almost € 0.14 for each login and € 0.40 per message sent. Going against digital transformation premises, digital communication in this situation becomes more expensive than a physical letter – offline communication.

Digid good for you

Participants of the pension funds are paying for this and costs may increase. If the government decides to make some improvements in the DigiD login application or other institutions decide to stop using DigiD, the price per access will rise even further.   

Reduce your total cost of ownership with Onegini Connect

The alternative is that pension funds switch to commercial providers of digital identification. With DNA in finance, Onegini offers a safe and secure platform for identification and authentication. Onegini is on the one hand an official DigiD implementation partner and on the other hand offers a wide range of alternative authentication methods such as biometrics to reduce the total cost of ownership and accelerate digital engagement with your customers. With Onegini Connect, you save those exponential costs as our solution take into account the number of users and not per access. Get inspired with our VGZ customer case where Onegini combined DigiD and alternative authentication methods or book a demo instantly!