White paper: Digital Transformation for Insurance Companies

Posted on July 1, 2015 by Alex Bausch

 Insurance companies are leveraging mobile technology to renew focus to the customer. Today’s disruptive technologies are opening new ways of engaging with the customer, altering the business model altogether. In order to gain a competitive edge, companies are embracing secure - mobile technology to enable digital transformation. 

Digital Transformation for Insurance Companies

Insurance companies need to reinvent themselves to stay ahead of the curve, stay current with compliance laws and regulations and redefine the way they do business. Digital transformation means getting your customers online, knowing who the customer is and engaging with them in a meaningful way. To be successful, the customer journey is essential with a focus on mobile and social solutions.

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Legacy systems are one of the biggest challenges for insurance companies and the financial sector as a whole. This is intensified by the advent of cloud computing, the mobile revolution and the practice of multiple disparate systems accrued due to mergers and acquisitions. Insurance companies are eager to disentangle these systems, taking out he complexity. This is driven - in part - by consumers who demand access to these back-office systems with mobile apps, using one identity, in a secure way. Consolidation of core systems and upgrading the (mobile) identity stacks should lead to increased agility, efficiency and cost savings.

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White paper: Digital Transformation Insurance Companies


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White paper: Digital Transformation Insurance Companies