Five questions for Casper Polhout, CIAM Architect at Onegini

Author: Thomas Bröker

Last updated: August 1, 2022



What is the first questions you ask a customer?
“What parties are you going to do business with? How do you want your online customer to use your services? The answers to these questions decide how many instances of our product you need. This is something our customers haven’t always thought of beforehand. We are going to make that insightful. Together with the client, we will define the customer journey. “

As an insurer you purchased CIAM/Onegini Connect, how will things go from there?
“We start with three sessions. The first is about the customer journey, how are your online customers going to do business with you, via which labels, etcetera. After this, we follow up with an architecture session and a technical architecture sessions. At the different sessions I bring an expert such as Jan de Kock. We advise how you can integrate our product in your existing architecture (if any). In this scenario we really operate as an architect. I often compare this to extending the number of driving lanes in a tunnel. How can you fit this in the existing landscape? What has to be changed and what detours have to be made? Maybe a lane has to be closed temporarily to achieve the best end result.

How long does this process take?
“This differs per user case. If you purchase a mobile authenticator app, you’ll be up and running in a couple of weeks. However more complex processes can take longer. This of course depends on the cooperation of the customer. We can only integrate the solution together. This takes effort on both sides. In some cases, with a CIAM architect on customers side and in other cases we take on the role of architect ourselves. With a customer like NS (Dutch Railways), we delivered our first solution in 2016. At that moment we delivered a solution with an as-is replacement of an existing login. As the project progressed, more services and features were added.”

What makes it so that customers are enthusiastic at the end of the process?
“We are fast and accurate and don’t give our customer the runaround. We are a young company but know what we are talking about. We have the right expertise and built a customer portfolio we are proud of. Customers notice this. We take great pride in our work, for instance the solution we provided for CoolBlue. During Black Friday, the busiest day ever at CoolBlue, all the authentication systems stayed up. This is something we receive praise for.”

How will the field look in five years?
“Logging in is and will remain necessary. Compare it to traveling by plane. You’ll always have to show your passport. But the way this happens is changing. The same goes for logging in online. We only apply the foundations, but this foundation is getting increasingly beautiful and safe. In addition, if you ask me, there will also be more and more attention for fraud detection. Onegini can also play an important role in noticing and ascertaining divergent online behaviour.”

Casper works at Onegini since 2014 and lives together with Sanne. Currently in Assendelft, but soon he will move to Amersfoort. Since a couple of months Casper is busy renovating his 30’s house, which has been fully stripped and is currently being rebuild.