Meet Onegini during the Holland Pavilion at the Mobile World Congress

Author: Nevlynn Janssen

Last updated: August 1, 2022

With just a few more weeks to go the preparations for the Mobile World Congress are in full effect. Denis, Jeroen, Vincent and Bas are gearing up for this action packed event and meetings have been scheduled. New demo's are being fine-tuned and tested, the team has started working out for the miles of walking and the hours of talking, comfortable and sensible shoes are Googled so all in all we feel confident we will have a successful MWC. 

On February 27th the largets congress for the mobile industry opens its doors for 5 days in Barcelona. With over 100,000 visitors this is by far the largest event in this industry. Last year Onegini was cosponsoring the event with EIT Digital - EIT Digital is a leading European digital innovation and entrepreneurial education organisation driving Europe's digital transformation - with a number of other European startups. 

This year we will be part of The Holland Pavilion - a Dutch collective of organizations jointly present in one space - together with The City of The Hague, The Hague Security Delta, ABN AMRO, Broad Forward and Qelp. 

At the pavilion we will have a demo pod where we will showcase our solution with real live demos of a prospect onboarding using a smart device, PSD XS2A in practice, transferring funds with biometric authentication for instance, voice, face, fingerprint. We even have exciting blurring technology by Samsung where if you don't look at your screen the app blurs and as soon as you look back it is visible again, also works if someone watches over you shoulder. 


Dutch Pavilion 1 - 1.png

Dutch Pavilion 1.png

Dutch Pavilion 1 - 2.png

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