Mobile Data Security Threats To Your Enterprise

Posted on October 22, 2015 by William P. Smith

Mobile Data Security Threats To Your EnterpriseSecurity is a crucial component of any app released onto the market. The success of a new app depends on its ability to keep users’ details and their identities safe. Any breach of security immediately undermines the integrity of the app and its developers.

If you are a developer or are responsible for an organisation’s mobile platform, you cannot underestimate the seriousness of understanding the security threats in the mobile space. Onegini understands the severity of this risk and the different ways hackers attempt to access sensitive data. Through a centralized platform, Onegini manages companies’ security by managing access to your service from any device, anywhere and at any time.


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Why do you need to be aware of mobile data threats?

Just as there has been a revolution in the way we access information and communicate via mobile devices, similar revolutions have been happening in hacking. The reality is that security breaches are an unfortunate part of the digital world and the way it is perpetrated is constantly changing. It is immensely difficult for app developers and IT departments to adequately maintain the integrity of users’ details. This responsibility needs to be outsourced to experts in security management.


Real examples

Some of the worst data breaches are shocking in their intricacy and maliciousness. Perhaps the most staggering aspect of many recent data breaches is that they have happened to some of the biggest players in the digital world. The 2011 hacking scandal that plagued Sony is one example. It is alleged that hackers gained the details of a system administrator, allowing them direct access over many or all aspects of the systems, including names, addresses and credit card information. This hugely damaged Sony’s income from online gaming. If this happened to your company would you how know to restore security to your systems?


Understanding when to integrate a security platform

Sony admitted that the breach was likely the result of not installing proper security systems during software development. This highlights the importance of having an adequate security solution in place before apps are published. Onegini works with highly skilled developers specialized in mobile security to ensure that secure logins and proper management of users’ details are in place before the app goes live.


Understanding the PR fallout

If you are a company or developer who experiences a security breach, are you able to handle the PR fallout? Security breaches not only damage the immediate integrity of your app but also your reputation. The only way to contain such a PR disaster is to avoid it happening in the first place. Security breaches are not just about data theft – it can also manifest itself in hackers falsifying high scores on game apps. Whilst this is less malicious than other examples, it undermines the integrity and appeal of the service.

Ultimately, managing users’ data and privacy is incredibly difficult and most developers and organisations moving into the mobile sphere are ill equipped to cope with the dangers. Onegini provides a comprehensive security platform at a level that understands what hackers do and how they do it. This kind of service has undergone significant changes in recent years, with Onegini offering the first affordable security system for the mobile realm, meaning that your company never has to worry about security breaches again.

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