Onegini Identity Cloud takes center-stage in its own online showroom

Author: Mart Vissers

Last updated: August 1, 2022

We are especially proud to announce that our new website is now up and running. After going live this week, our CIAM (Customer Identity and Access Management) platform Onegini Connect has taken center-stage in its very own online showroom.

Are you interested in the why, the how and the what? Then keep reading as Sheree Walsh (our new technical writer) interviews Mathijs Brand and Mart Vissers.


SW: What has been changed?

MV: It’s easier to ask ‘ what hasn’t been changed?! We needed a new look and feel that reflects who we really are as a company, and the culture we have here at Onegini. We’re a fresh, young, innovative and fast-thinking company that provides a unique and secure platform. Our website says that for us now. 


new website


SW: Was a redesign really necessary?

MB: Our product is tailored to the Finance industry. We believe it is the best CIAM platform for financials. With our expertise in onboarding, our power on omni-channel, Delated User Management, and flexibility in hosting, we are a logical choice for those in the financial industry. After all, making online business safe for our clients and their customers is our top priority, and our number 1 goal. Our website is just a reflection of that, and now the whole world can see it.   

MV: We had to think up a way to describe our product in a way that was easier for others to understand, that’s where Connect, Manage and Engage came from. Those are the three steps we considered essential to reaching our goal. Oh, and don’t forget the power of our core features


SW: Can you tell me more about your industry approach?

MB: Each industry has it own specific challenges within the domain of Identity and Access Management. For instance, how to deal with DigiD for health insurers? Or how to use mobile for to engage with insurance customers who usually only get a mailing from their insurer once a year?

MV: In my previous role it was abundantly clear just how much of a challenge it can be for insurance companies to get their customers online. Sending out portal activation letters in the mail with login details does not really work. It led me to ask the question “how do you lower the barrier for those customers who ARE actually trying to log in?” Luckily, we are now in a business where step-up authentication and progressive profiling are definite answers to the question of how a company can digitally onboard their customers more smoothly.

MB: Having a customer like Coolblue really helped us speed up our solution for our users, especially their online user experience, for instance. We created a social login for them so that their customers could use Facebook to log in and shop in a frictionless fashion.   


SW: What pages should customers visit on their journey to Onegini?

MB: Our product can integrate and communicate with a lot of third parties. Customers should have a look at our extensive list of integrations.

MV: And I’m always interested in customer cases and references from happy clients. Please have a look how VGZ, Unive and Minox for instance are using our software!


SW: Final question, what was necessary for this?

MV: It took us 2 months of full focus. The website is now live and we are curious about what our customers think. As we tend to work in an agile way, some deliverables are planned for phase B. Visitors of our site can expect a new video in the next weeks. Further we had:

  • - A lot of coffee
  • - A lot of post-its,
  • - A lot of sticky Magic-charts
  • - Many skype calls with the design agency
  • - A lot of fun to give Onegini Connect its deserved and very own online showroom.