Onegini Client Advisory Board Meeting

Author: Nevlynn Janssen

Last updated: August 1, 2022


On November 24th we held our first client advisory board meeting. With a select group of customers we have discussed our roadmap and other relevant topics for the coming years. It was held at the exclusive Rembrandt Tower Boardroom with catering from Michelin star restaurant De Nederlanden

With Onegini growing at a considerable pace it is very important to stay in close contact with our trusted customers. A lot is happening in the field of mobile app security but also topics like blockchain, FIDO, authentication, KYC, frictionless onboarding, frictionless banking/insurance were covered during the meeting. 

While not every customer was able to attend the following customers were at the table, Aegon, Van Lanschot Bank, LeasePlan Bank, VGZ and Univé. 

Current Client Advisory Board members

  • Aegon
  • Van Lanschot Bank
  • LeasePlan Bank
  • VGZ
  • Univé
  • SURFnet
  • Proximus
  • IAK
  • Obvion
  • Nederlandse Spoorwegen

If you are interested in joining our Client Advisory Board please contact your respective sales representative.