Onegini Identity Cloud platform update February 2021

Author: Mart Vissers

Last updated: August 1, 2022


At Onegini we are proud to be backed by a brilliant team of developers who live and breathe code. More than 50 developers optimize Onegini Identity Cloud every day. In this update we inform you about the latest new features, changes and improvements of our Customer Identity and Access Management platform Onegini Identity Cloud.

Brand New Delegated Administration for Business Partners Module
Distribution channels are a highly valuable part of your business, and with products being sold through intermediaries and agents, it creates a longer chain between your company and the end-customer. It can be a demanding task for your company to keep on top of that in order to set roles, rights and permissions for those intermediary users. And it’s mostly due to an unfriendly process and limited homegrown technology which makes roles and rights configuration labor-intensive. Onegini recently completely redesigned its Delegated Administration for Business Partners Module.
With the Delegated Administration for Business Partners Module, you can define different internal roles such as Admin, Super User and User. A super-user can for instance create users and sub-groups in their group. Onegini offers among other offers the following capabilities:

✓ Creating and deleting (sub)-groups (usually used as organizations or companies)

✓ Custom parameters on a group. (Used to link chamber of commerce numbers for example)

✓ Set Policies that can be used in a group

✓ Creating and removing users to a group

✓ Managing Policies for users

Further, advanced reporting capabilities are included in the module, which allows to see user details (what groups a user is member of), status (invited, activated, blocked), policies and permissions. In addition, Onegini provides analytics about recent login & status of the user.
With this module, you can delegate responsibilities with simplicity. Use the Delegated Administration for Business Partners Module and save 30% time in the functional management of B2B partners. Join the upcoming webinar to view the capabilities of the module yourself!

The improved mobile SDK with tons of security controls capabilities
Using our mobile security technology, it is easy to get all the mobile security you need, out of the box. When securing online identities in mobile apps, it's all you really need. Onegini recently released its improved mobile SDK. Even though you will likely notice very little change in how you develop your apps, we are sharing how we continue to improve the reliability, security and speed of the mobile SDKs you use. Read everything about the improved mobile SDK, it in this blog,

Continuous Security Improvements
Continuous Security Improvements are a long-term, never-ending process to improve the performance of Onegini’s technology stack. Onegini recently added a functionality to force users to changer their password at the next login. When changing the used password policy, it is now an option to force users to change their password when it violates the new policy. This functionality also works with the Haveibeenpwned integration, so users are asked for a new password if their password has been breached. In addition, Onegini can also indicate that a certain user needs to update their password during the next login. This could be used in cases where a data breach is suspected.