Onegini Identity Cloud platform update May 2021

Author: Mart Vissers

Last updated: August 1, 2022


At Onegini we are proud to be backed by a brilliant team of developers who live and breathe code. More than 50 developers optimize Onegini Identity Cloud every day. In this update we inform you about the latest new features, changes and improvements of our Customer Identity and Access Management platform Onegini Identity Cloud.

Seamless migration from Digitaal Paspoort towards eHerkenning
Most Dutch companies in the insurance industry still use Digitaal Paspoort for B2B access. However, Digitaal Paspoort will be phased out and is considered as end of life. As of January 2022, insurers have to replace the outdated technology with eHerkenning. eHerkenning is a proven solution, initiated by the Dutch government and has many advantages. Onegini recently updated its B2B migration process. As of now, insurers who use Onegini will be facilitated with a fully seamless migration in their service design from offering only Digitaal Paspoort towards a temporary phase in which insurers can offer both identity providers towards eHerkenning only as of January 2022. In addition, with Onegini's Delegated Administration for Business Partner module, business partners with access to the insurers' online services are asked to manage their own users, with user access based on pre-determined policies. This will save insurers time and money as business partners now won’t need to ask in case they need to add, update or delete users and their authorizations. Download the whitepaper with more in-depth information about the migration towards eHerkenning here. 

More migration capabilities from homegrown CIAM technology towards Onegini Identity Cloud
Over the last 10 years, many organizations have developed multiple portals, both within the consumer and the business domain, to have an online presence. Most portals were homegrown solutions, with maintenance on-premise. Security, access management and digital identity lifecycle management were all separately included in these portals. As a result, further development became costly and time-consuming, from a business perspective as well as a security perspective, as in time both disciplines became increasingly intertwined. Helping those organisation migrate from homegrown solutions towards a modern customer identity and access management platform is what Onegini can do best. By connecting decentralized platforms and making the new IT environment intuitive and safe for customers, agents and business partners to use. With Onegini's latest new feature, it is now also possible to add specific customer data during the migration process itself. Hence, next to using a modern identity & access management platform, you will also bring the quality of your customers' database to the next level!

Introducing React Native and Flutter for hybrid app development
There are many reasons to choose either native or a hybrid technology.  And ultimately the choice depends on organization goals, budgets, ambitions, product roadmap, inhouse skills, timelines and many more factors. In case customers would like to use Onegini's mobile SDK in order to create a safe and secure app based on hybrid technology, it is good to know that Onegini recently decided to support React Native and Flutter. So whatever you choose, Onegini will back you up! Read here more about the pro's and cons of native and hybrid app development.

Continuous Security Improvements
Continuous Security Improvements are a long-term, never-ending process to improve the performance of Onegini’s technology stack in order to keep our product stack up-to-date with the latest security requirements. Onegini recently updated its content security policies in order to meet security requirements for DigiD audit. Onegini offers many external identity providers out the box. One of the most used Dutch identity providers in the public domain for B2C use cases is DigiD. NOREA, the professional association for IT-auditors in the Netherlands, recently updated, in agreement with Logius, its guidelines regarding the test approach for a DigiD audit. As of now, Onegini customers who use DigiD are able to meet all security requirements for a successful audit.