Onegini Identity Cloud platform update November 2020

Author: Denis Joannides

Last updated: August 1, 2022


At Onegini we are proud to be backed by a brilliant team of developers who live and breathe code. More than 50 developers optimize Onegini Identity Cloud every day. In this update we inform you about the latest new features, changes and improvements of our Customer Identity and Access Management platform Onegini Identity Cloud.

Whitelabel Authenticator app for password-less login
Nothing is more annoying than bad usability. With Onegini's Passwordless Login, your users no longer have to manually copy any codes. Onegini recently has fully redesigned its white label authenticator app. It looks better, it supports more user flows than before and even has App2web support out of the box. Onegini's Passwordless Login is built upon the Onegini Mobile Security (SDK), so your organization will be unburdened with out of the box security. Find out more about password-less login.

Document-centric identity verification
To further prevent the use of the financial system for money laundering purposes and the financing of terrorism, governments have established stricter Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Counter-Terrorism Financing (CTF) legislation in recent years. Obtaining confidence in a customer’s identity is the prerequisite to interact digitally with your customers. With GBG's IDscan technology, integrated with Onegini’s Identity Cloud, you simply capture an image of your customer’s ID document and our technology will do the rest. Our solution will classify the document, perform a series of validation checks and extract data using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) in seconds. Onegini customers no longer need to purchase and integrate identity proofing solutions or identification providers, as the platform now provides all important identity proofing capabilities such as verification of existing attributes, BYOI providers such as iDIN, itsme & .beID and ID document capture for the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany out of the box. Register for the upcoming webinar here. Find out more by registering for the identity proofing webinar.

Improvements in Onegini’s Cloud Monitoring Dashboard
Onegini continuously invests in adding new functionality in our Cloud Monitoring Dashboard. The statistics & uptime can now be made available to customer employees (e.g. Marketeers), that do not have access to the Onegini administrator screens with Delegated Administration.

Mobile Security: Usability optimization in Mobile web to native app flow
We previously used app scheme's which confronted the end-user with a pop-up: "Do you want to open this link with app x?". In the new implementation, you no longer get this message. A customer now can register a "normal http(s)" hyperlink that, when an end-user clicks on it, the app opens on a mobile device. This new functionality improves the usability for the customer significantly. Read more about our mobile security solution.

Improvements in Customer Service Application
Over the last months, Onegini added multiple smaller improvements in the Customer Service Application.
  • A service desk employee is now able to resend a verification email directly, which reduces multiple manual steps compared to the previous situation.
  • It is now possible to unlink an external Identity Provider (such as Facebook) from an account. A great feature for instance when the account has been hijacked.
  • A new version of the Device API returns more information about the devices of an end-user. The response now contains the model of the device and its version of the operating system.

Visit our Customer Service product page.

SMS configuration for customers with offices in different countries
Do you have a foreign entity as well? As of now, you can use an alphanumeric SenderID in the Netherlands, while using a Belgian number in Belgium (where alphanumeric SenderIDs are not supported).

Variety in error pages to improve customer self service
When the end-user was changing personal information and something went wrong, there was limited differentiation in the information that could be shown to the end-user. This confuses the end-user and made them call the helpdesk more often. We now made it possible to show what went wrong in more detail, so end-users can take action themselves.

Continuous Security Improvements
Continuous Security Improvements are a long-term, never-ending process to improve the performance of Onegini’s technology stack. Onegini recently added Blacklist characters functionality. To avoid fraud and block people to create fake accounts, we introduced a configuration field in which 'forbidden characters' can be entered.