Onegini Leakbot Pilot Program started

Author: Mathijs Brand

Last updated: August 1, 2022

Onegini is a market leader in IoT, helping insurers get closer to their customers by delivering enhanced product offerings. In this blogpost we specifically discuss why the LeakBot IoT connection is so powerful in the insurance market and how by detecting water leaks insurers can save money, increase retention and positively impact NPS. 

Leakbot spots small hidden leaks before they become a big problem
leak-detected.pngHidden leaks often go unnoticed until it’s too late. It's these tiny persistent leaks that typically go on to cause extensive damage to homes. LeakBot is a smart water leak alarm that solves this issue by being able to spot small hidden leaks early. A single LeakBot device has the ability to monitor the whole home’s mains plumbing system, detecting the smallest escapes of water, from a dripping tap to a leaky washing machine.

When LeakBot spots a problem the customer is alerted, allowing them to act fast to prevent any damage. In turn this reduces issues and claims, providing a great experience for customers and less cost for the insurer. 

What’s more, LeakBot has been designed to be easily self-installed by the customer. Fitting and set up takes less than 5 minutes and requires no specialist plumbing knowledge or tools. Just download the app, activate an account and clip LeakBot to the pipe. Simple.


So, how does leakbot work?
When you use water or turn a tap on, your pipes draw water from the external mains water supply. This water is typically colder that the temperature of your home’s internal water pipes. LeakBot uses patented Thermi-Q technology to accurately monitor differences in the water and air temperatures therefore allowing it to un

derstand and monitor any unusual activity right down to the tiniest of drips. Once it spots a problem it sends an alert to the customers smart phone, letting them know there’s an issue.

Break down the risks and start interacting with your users
Insurance end-customers can easily check the status of their LeakBot in the Onegini Connect insurance app. In addition to the app we gather relevant data for insurers and provide insight into the user and their behaviours via the Onegini Connect dashboard. The Onegini Connect dashboard provides insight at a customer level, allowing insurers to see which homes present a higher risk and which customers have or have had a recent leak and how they responded. The dashboard also lets you contact customers directly to start conversations and gain insight. Because LeakBot IoT can be integrated into your current systems and insurance (web)app, it allows all data to be in one place, allowing you access to real time analytics and insight and solve GDPR related issues.


Join our pilot program
We’re excited to offer a solution that enables Home insurers a solution to provide more to their customers – evolving and enhancing the customer experience whilst reducing claims and costs for our partners. The platform also supports a wide range of other IoT solutions for the insurance market, making your future pilots easy!