Onegini presents 2FA with Liferay at Devcon Amsterdam

Author: Mathijs Brand

Last updated: August 1, 2022

Onegini and Componence present at the annual Liferay developer conference in Amsterdam. On October 6th Mathijs Brand shows a practical approach to second factor authentication with Liferay: "How Philadelphia uses biometric authentication for clients with mental disabilities"
Through regulation like GDPR, the intend is to strengthen and unify data protection for all individuals in the EU. While the intention is great, it remains to be seen how it is going to work for people with disabilities. In Europe, more than 25 million people have dyslexia to the extent that they can't reliably use a 4-digit PIN unless they can choose their own number. People with intellectual impairment may have a problem keeping the number secret, so a biometric identification method would be more suitable for them. Insurance companies and healthcare organizations need to reinvent themselves to stay ahead of the curve, stay current with compliancy laws and regulations and redefine the way they do business. Digital transformation means getting all of your customers online, knowing who the customer is and engaging with them in a meaningful way.
In this session Mathijs Brand will explain how Philadelphia, a healthcare organization for people with mental disabilities, has developed a working solution to the challenges. Mathijs will show how Componence and Onegini added verification through biometrics for all of their customers. Some of the trends in the changing market in biometrics will be shown. See a live demo of the use case of Philadelphia where fingerprint and face recognition is used for people with disabilities.
Lessons learned will be shared:
  • What technical challenges had to be taken. 
  • Why adding a biometrics solution requires more than just implementing a third party SDK?
  • How do you onboard people with disabilities?