Onegini mentioned as a CIAM specialist by Gartner

Author: Mart Vissers

Last updated: May 27, 2020

Turbulent market growth is expected
By 2022, CIAM will be a key component to realize a a competitive UX strategy for 85% of all enterprises. Not that strange since organizations navigate the transition from a services-oriented economy to an experience-driven economy in which they have to balance between user experience, risk, compliance and fraud detection requirements. In addition, Gartner mentions that only 40 % of the researched enterprises already have adopted ‘commercial technology’ as a basis for Customer Identity and Access Management. Further turbulent growth is expected and will result in a 72 % adoption rate in 2022. And as of today, commercial technologies are more popular than “homegrown” solutions.

CIAM capabilities: introducing Onegini as a ‘CIAM specialist’
The CIAM market is fragmented between developer-focused products, IaaS/PaaS solutions, CRM-oriented B2C specialists, and traditional IAM vendors, complicating appropriate selection for buyers. The choice of a CIAM specialist versus a developer-focused vendor should be primarily aligned with their own internal abilities, resources, culture and requirements.

According to Gartner, enterprises should consider a CIAM Specialist when they are looking for offer out-of-band (OOB) authentication via SMS, one-time-password (OTP) apps for smartphones and stronger capabilities for Bring Your Own Identities.

Download the Gartner report here


Gartner’s research is in line with KuppingerCole’s executive report
Early 2020, Onegini asked the German analyst KuppingerCole to review Onegini’s product offering. In their analysis, they confirmed the strengths of Onegini's omni-channel platform with similar statement as Gartner’s concept of CIAM specialist:

"Great selection of authenticators, including advanced MFA mechanisms"
"Large number of IDPs recognized for registration"
"Versatile mobile SDKs for building apps that leverage Onegini Identity Cloud"

Download the full KuppingerCole report here.

Analyst recognition in line with Onegini’s growth ambition
Denis Joannides (CCO): Onegini has a focused growth strategy in which we help regulated enterprises, such as insurers, pension providers, health insurers and smaller banks with organizing security centrally within their IT organization. The migration from homegrown solutions towards a modern customer identity and access management platform is what we do best. Connecting decentral platforms and making it intuitive and safe for customers, agents and business partners. Our product roadmap is mainly focused to further position Onegini as a specialist to unburden those companies with our ‘no code security Identity Cloud’. Out of the box integrations with local identity schemes, identity proofing methods, a wide range of authentication methods and integrations with vertical software solutions are always on our radar to add in our product stack. Feel free to experience yourself and book a demo today.