Onegini SaaS Escrow: a necessary part of your Business Continuity Management strategy

Author: Willem Tibosch

Last updated: August 1, 2022

Onegini is aware of the critical role it plays in the service offering of its clients. Therefore we do everything we can to ensure that our service is continuously available. However, a situation may arise in which Onegini has to cease its activities. Partially because subcontractors can also suspend their services since they don't have a direct relationship with our clients. But a situation like this should not lead to the sudden termination of our services. This is also a strict guideline from supervisors. Therefore, Onegini has expanded its services with SaaS Escrow.
What is an escrow?
An escrow Agreement is an agreement between the developer and manager of the software, the client and the escrow agent. The agreement guarantees that in certain cases the customer has access to the latest source code of the system for which the agreement has been concluded. Thera are several forms of Escrow, which can be divided in two categories:
  1. Source code escrow gives the customer the right to the source code of the system. This escrow alone is sufficient for an on premise information system that the customer maintains themselves. With the access to the source code, the customer can maintain and even further develop the software for a long term.
  3. SaaS escrow. For SaaS users, source code escrow isn't sufficient. This is mainly because the client is depending on the manager of the software fo a continuous use of the software. So in this case, access to the source code is not sufficient, since the rebuilding of a working system takes time. The manager is also the one who directs the third parties for the delivery of the software and pays them for their services. These third parties have no obligations towards the SaaS user, which means that they could discontinue their services if the supplier no longer pays them. Supplier-independent software continuity is therefore more difficult to achieve with SaaS than with on-premises software.
What does Onegini do?
Onegini offers its customers the possibility to join its SaaS Escrow agreement. The agreement will provide:
  • Access to the source code including customer specific configuration
  • Continuity of the service offering for a period of 6 months
  • Support in migrating data to your own system or a third party system
Why does Onegini do this?
Onegini wants to unburden its customers as much as possible, also during and after a situation in which Onegini has to cease its activities. Understanding that in the regulated industry in which it operates, higher demands are made on the continuity of services.
If you have any questions regarding the Escrow, please contact Willem Tibosch.