Onegini semifinalst at Accenture Innovation Awards

Author: Nevlynn Janssen

Last updated: June 19, 2017

Onegini has been selected by a jury as one of 10 best innovation around The Internet of Me theme. The Internet of Me theme is about creating the ultimate personal experience in a digital world. 

On September 26th the 10 semifinalists will give a one minute elevator pitch before a selected jury from which 5 will be selected as finalists. 


The Internet of Me

Spotify, Uber and Netflix made the Internet of Me visible. Today it is integrated into all possible sectors. Consumers take control on and by using the Web. The consumer has the power, and companies have to comply to their demands. The more personal the offer, the higher the chance of bigger sales. The 'me' appeal is the challenge.

Companies with Internet of Things products, services and information have to connect to the entire width of the needs and perceptions of consumers when it suits them, and through the connected device they use at the time.

Despite the speed with which new products and services become obsolete, the Internet or Me offers endless possibilities for innovation.


Why Onegini

At Onegini it's not all about security, we believe security is a given and should never be compromised. It's all about trust and we create the highest trust between consumers and companies. With the Onegini Mobile Security Platform we offer the highest security while providing the best user experience. We offer consumers a variety of convenient login methods from which they can choose. Login methods like fingerprint, voice-, face-, eyerecognition or even PIN if preferred. Using the mobile device for authentication gives consumers the freedom to do business whenever, wherever and however they want. With Onegini it's all about You. 


Enabling Secure Mobility to gain a competitive edge white paper offer

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