Onegini shines at Digital Insurance Agenda

Author: Mathijs Brand

Last updated: August 1, 2022

Onegini was giving a stunning demo at the Digital Insurance Agenda event. Missed the conference? You can watch our 10 minute introduction on stage below. 


The performance was provided to you by CEO Jeroen Starrenburg, aka the reporter. Our sales director Vincent Philipsen as the award winning insurance CIO of the year and myself, aka the customer / "the modern man". 

"Onegini, one of the FAB 30 “Coolest Tech Companies in the Netherlands” protects customer personal data and enables secure transactions on any device, any time. The company’s award-winning Mobile Security Platform provides organizations with an easy way to deliver mobile apps, with the best end-user experience and high security for external users. Onegini solutions include the ability to make transactions with one click, to log in with a PIN, fingerprint, face recognition, voice recognition or other future web and mobile authentication methods. Onegini technology offers banking-grade security at a low cost, and speeds the development and deployment of applications by 500%."

Read more about Onegini at DIA.