Onegini: The only european SOC2¹ compliant CIAM vendor

Author: Jeroen Starrenburg

Last updated: November 16, 2020


Woerden, November 16th, 2020 -  Onegini reached the next level in risk & compliancy and is SOC21 compliant as of today. According to Onegini this is a breakthrough for the European market.

Today, insurance companies, healthcare and banks are implementing cloud first strategies. At the same time, they have to comply to increasingly strict local or European regulations such as GDPR. According to Willem Tibosch, Compliance Officer at Onegini, the trend that financials demand SOC2 reports for cloud solutions, turned from “should have” to must have in less than a year. SOC2 is an international standard which focusses specifically on the services provided IT service providers. The SOC2 report is more extensive than most other traditional certifications like ISO 27002, because those traditional certifications only focus on the design of processes and internal controls, instead of the operating effectiveness. Also, our SOC2 report is about our CIAM solution, not just about our generic internal security management system.

Jeroen Starrenburg, Onegini CEO, confirms the importance. I am very proud of what the team has accomplished. After reaching ISO27001 for the first time, many years ago, we now have SOC2 standard completely implemented within Onegini.

Also, we implemented our CIAM platform on AWS and Cloudflare using regional services, ensuring that European (privacy) data never leaves Europe. We truly differentiate from US and non compliant European vendors because we are:

  • Compliant: we live up to the highest standard of security, risk and compliancy
  • Regional: we guarantee that the data remains in Europa
  • Solution: we make online easy and safe through zero code security and providing a solution instead of a toolkit.
  • Multi domain: we help our customers implement successful online strategies for web, mobile, consumers, agents, business partners

And now Onegini has a SOC2 report to show that we walk the talk: we make online business easy and safe!

For more information, take a look at our certifications overview.

About Onegini

Onegini was founded in 2011 and supports today over 200 customer labels with over 45 million users spread over multiple countries. The customer base includes among others AEGON, NIBC, CZ, TKP, Baloise, Menzis, NS, Van Lanschot and VGZ. With Onegini Identity Cloud, the company offers an omnichannel Customer Identity and Access Management solution (CIAM) for the banking, insurance and pension industry. With Onegini, organisations quickly and securely create mobile apps and digital portals for consumers, employers and advisors while not having to worry about registration, identification, login and management of the digital identity. As of May 2020, Onegini has been recognised by Gartner as a CIAM specialist.

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