Onegini will accompany Prime Minister Rutte on trip to USA.

Posted on October 6, 2015 by Nevlynn Janssen

WOERDEN – From October 5 to October 7 2015,  a select number of companies headed by Prime Minister Mark Rutte and his Flemish colleague Prime Minister Bourgeois will visit the State of Georgia. Atlanta is one of the fastest growing high technology regions in the US, specializing in IT security and Financial Technologies. With a thriving start-up scene, a favorable climate and relatively low costs, Atlanta put themselves on the map as "the next Silicon Valley."

When it became known that the main focus points of this mission were to be smart logistics and IT security, Onegini immediately wanted to be part of this economic mission. Onegini has developed a mobile security platform that allows organizations to easily market safe mobile apps without having to worry about online security. "Consumers should be able to assume that the apps they use are fully protected according to the latest knowledge and technology so that they can purchase services from organizations worldwide without any concern on that matter”, said Denis Joannides, CEO & Founder. As specialists in mobile security, Onegini’s focus is on expansion outside of the Netherlands and this trade mission is an excellent opportunity to establish themselves in the US

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