Denis Joannides shares his predictions on (C)IAM security in 2020

Author: Denis Joannides

Last updated: August 1, 2022

“In 2023, 80% of organizations will fail to meet security, privacy, usability and scale requirements if IAM teams don’t deliver technical guidance to developers” (Gartner, 2019).

As we head towards 2020, it’s time to share what’s happening out there and to share my predictions for 2020. The technology landscape changes fast, mobile is growing exponentially and new technologies are being introduced: 5G, AI, Virtual Reality, IoT, among many others.

Nowadays organizations build and deploy new types of applications and services faster than ever. The deployments entail: native applications, single-page web applications, progressive web apps, microservices, integrations with third parties due to regulations such as PSD2 and connections with multiple IoT devices. All of them have identity requirements, as they differ in their security and user experience capabilities.

According to Gartner, it is known that IAM teams have too little visibility of the organization’s development work and don’t provide enough best practices and technical guidance to meet the schedules and needs of application developers. Instead, security, I&O, DevOps and developers make a lot of decisions around authentication and authorization, often by leveraging built-in and sometimes subpar identity capabilities in the system they themselves control and manage.

This results in new applications and services that don’t successfully balance the delicate trade-offs of security, privacy, usability and scale, and it leaves the business at risk of loss of data and of business.

In each application and service it is a must to meet regulatory or internal security requirements in order to prevent data breach. Onegini is investing heavily to help organizations to meet with the security and privacy regulations and also to allow them to protect the customer data.

We are aware that companies don’t have enough knowledge in security to do IAM or CIAM by themselves and it can be very expensive for an organization.

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We also know that there is a big gap in experts in security and a scarcity of developers in the market. Onegini Connect solution is designed to solve this gap. Our technology doesn’t demand coding knowledge to deliver the right level of security. Gartner’s latest insights makes me confident in our vision and strategy to provide a CIAM solution for organizations with no or limited security experts too easily succeed the security, privacy, usability and scale requirements that your company need.

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