Prime Minister of the Netherlands Mark Rutte will visit Onegini at the HSD - June 9

Author: Nevlynn Janssen

Last updated: June 19, 2017

On June 9 the Ministry of General Affairs and Prime Minister Mark Rutte will visit the Hague Security Delta and in particular TNO Cyber Threat Intelligence Lab, Track Inspector, iCOPP and Onegini. 

During the visit we will have the opportunity to hold an interactive pitch for all the delegates. 

Frictionless banking is all the craze and we believe this is not just a popular hashtag but actually possible when using our award winning Mobile Security Platform. High security and ultimate user experience can go hand in hand and our mission is to provide organizations and app developers out of the box security functionalities to offer a frictionless experience to their customers. 

Cyber security is high on the agenda but should not be at all cost, when you ask people to jump through hoops to ensure security the chances of people making mistakes goes up and thus food for hackers. To be vigilant about cyber security is important and a healthy sceptisism will shield you from most hacker attacks. We believe organizations should take responsibility and offer their customers the highest security and maximum user convenience. Only then customers will trust you and do (more) online business with you. 

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