Ronald Kasteels top picks for DIA Amsterdam 2019

Author: Ronald Kasteel

Last updated: August 1, 2022

Besides our own presentation on the 25th of June from 11:15 to 11:45 at the Westergastheater (don't miss it) and our booth on the 27th of June, there are lots of other very interesting presentations at DIA Amsterdam 2019. Are you having difficulty choosing which of the 75+ presentations you should attend? Don't worry, our CEO; Ronald Kasteel made an overview of his top five picks for DIA Amsterdam 2019.

What: Opening presentation by Marco Keim - Executive Board Member of AEGON
When: 25th of June, 10:30-11:00 @ Zuiveringshal west 
Why: Watching speedboats is fun, as we often get inspired with disruptive product or service innovations. However, understanding how to change an oil-tanker such as Aegon grabs my attention from a managerial perspective! This is also a great introduction to our own presentation, 15 minutes later.

2. Lemonade
What: Keynote presentation by Daniel Schreiber - CEO of Lemonade
When: 25th of June, 14:15-14:45 @ Zuiveringshal west 
Why: After months and maybe even years of rumours, Lemonade is coming to Europe. In this presentation Lemonade's CEO, Daniel Schreiber, will share his vision on the insurance industry and maybe even their plans for Europe. I'm eager to hear what one of the most innovatie Insurance companies from America has in store for Europe and how this will influence the European insurance landscape.

3. Leakbot
Show & Tell session
27th of June, 11:50-13:15 @ DIA Stage 
Leakbot is an IoT detective for leakage that helps insurance companies to improve risk management and damage control. A perfect tool to start interacting in a valuable manner with your customer base to increase customer loyalty

4. Salesforce
Show & Tell session (with Vlocity)
26th of June, 11:35-12:45 @ DIA Stage
A giant within insurance is always interesting to follow. I'm very curious about the progress they made in building a digital insurance platform and how this was influenced by Vlocity.

5. Ajax
What: An on stage interview with Max Reckers, Performance Technology Expert at Ajax
27th of June, 9:00-9:15 @ DIA Stage
Why: As a Dutch company, everyone at Onegini enjoyed the achievements of Ajax in the Champions League last season. Of course the talent of the players and the staff were the main pillars of this success. But I'm curious to learn what role artificial intelligence played in this success.