Shopping Mobile Apps Can Put Your Identity at Risk

Author: Vladimir Ghilien

Posted on February 18, 2016

Shopping-Mobile-Apps-Can-Put-Your-Identity-at-Risk.pngThe holiday shopping fever has almost started and a lot of people are going to use their smartphone to buy gifts for their loved ones. According to researchers, a lot of mobile apps that are meant to improve and simplify shopping experience can as well put your own identity at risk.

Experts estimate that over 90% of shoppers will purchase goods via mobile apps during this holiday season, but they also noted that there could be a few reasons for shopping applications to be vulnerable and they could even put all the data stored on your gadget at serious risk.

Your smartphone could be crammed with shopping mobile apps. A lot of them inquire your payment info and home address. The fact is, this is personal data and isn’t something that should be seen by anyone else, but yourself.

There’s a major threat here. Security analysts claim that nearly half of all applications have one high risk security hole at the very least. Moreover, they state that shopping apps tend to be the most insecure of all and leak the most data. Many companies just leave security behind, rushing to get their applications out the door. Such underdeveloped apps can spit out virtually any private user data, including location, payment details, and even passwords that are ultimately ending up hanging in there for hackers to get a hold of them.

Many mobile apps send out information to the internet and it simply goes to their website. However, during this process, any person sitting in between the site and the app can intercept this data.

If you take your time and perform your own research on this topic, you will find out that people don’t know how to secure their personal data. For example, people often shop through their shopping mobile apps, while being connected to an unsecure, free Wi-Fi network with no password.

The mere fact that these data are simply out there puts basically any shopping app user at risk. If you run a reliable security app on your gadget, you will be surprised at how many vulnerable apps you have, especially the ones for shopping.

Once you realize how many potentially risky apps you have on your device, there’s another common mistake you can avoid. A lot of people don’t enable passcodes on their devices. They simply sign into shopping aps and don’t have passcodes to lock their gadgets.

It’s crucial to stay on a lookout with shopping mobile apps, as many of them contain as much data as banking apps, but with much less security. Thus, make sure you have your phone guarded by a reliable security app and that it can’t be easily accessed by some random wannabe hacker. Check for more information now!

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