Discussion on the Fintech year ahead: What to expect?

Author: Mathijs Brand

Last updated: August 31, 2018

Money 20/20 and Holland Fintech teamed up to provide a sneak preview of what’s to come in fintech and insurtech in 2018. Denis Joannides from Onegini sat down with Johan van Mill (Investor - Peak Capital), Maurits Lancee (Investment Associate FinTech Ventures - Rabobank) and Jan Willem Nieuwenhuize (Managing Director - ING Ventures) to have an open discussion. It was great to hear that security is on the top of everyone's mind. 

The questions and topics that were discussed: Is it still attractive to invest in fintech? What are investors looking out for in the year ahead, aside from the much discussed regtech and security areas? Will European customers accept uses of data like those in the US? Territorial reach of the GDPR and What innovations or trends will take hold in 2018?

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Besides the round table discussion, A couple of relevant companies were asked to tell their story in a short pitch. Mathijs pitched in on behalf of Onegini.