Together is better: Onegini and Mendix bring secure app to VGZ

Author: Sheree Walsh

Last updated: November 7, 2018

Onegini teamed up with Mendix to ensure a seamless experience with top-notch security for VGZ health insurance customers. With the combination of Onegini's best-in-class Mobile Security Platform, part of Onegini's CIAM solution, and a finesse for UX design that is synonymous with Mendix, an award-nominated app was born. 

Apps: essential for customer engagement 

Mobile has evolved since the app-boom of 2008, with 47% of consumers now purchasing through mobile apps

Those little icons we download to our phone and tablet screens have revolutionized the way we connect to our favorite brands: for retail it's an easy one-click purchase while on the move. For insurance it’s reviewing policies on-the-go, for banking it’s secure and immediate transactions from any mobile device. As a result, customers feel more connected and in control of their affairs.

No development team? Help is at hand

If you're looking to get started on but don’t have a team of developers at your disposal, never fear. Luckily you can now hire companies like Mendix to take the hard work out of getting your customers the kind of app they need. At least that’s what health insurance provider VGZ did recently when looking to increase customer satisfaction and engagement, and their customers couldn’t be happier (at the time of writing, the current app-store score is a 4.5 star rating). VGZ were even nominated for an award by Computable for the usability and security of the app. 

The Mendix low-code app-development platform is the perfect basis for the type of app usability and experience that VGZ needed. Now VGZ customers get a live overview of their health insurance policy excess (risk) when they open the app. They can even safely submit their treatment invoices for speedy reimbursement, it even comes with a directory of healthcare contacts in case they ever need to call. 



What to expect with this type of integration

A seamless and frictionless end result was our goal when we set out to complete this project with Mendix. A simple and secure solution for the end-user of the app means that Onegini and Mendix took the complexity out of the app development for VGZ. The secure and frictionless user experience is the result of years of security expertise and app-creation knowledge. 

Together with Mendix, we took the necessary technical steps which involved using multiple layers of security in addition to the Javascript. This meant that the foundation created by Mendix worked with the Onegini SDK (Software Development Kit) created the perfect basis upon which to provide the kind of app VGZ required. For a little more about how we made this possible, you can see a little more about the technical story by clicking here.    


Everything at their fingertips 

At the touch of a screen VGZ health insurance customers can rest assured, not only is their health insurance data there for when and where they need it, it’s also sealed and secured by the Onegini's Mobile Security Platform.

Thanks to the innovative design team at Mendix, all customers of VGZ who use the app are better connected to their health insurance provider. Mendix is a low-code development platform for companies who want to provide the best solution out there for their end-users.  Onegini is the leading omni-channel Customer Identity and Access Management vendor that gives you the peace of mind when it comes to managing and protecting financial and personal data. If you'd like to learn more about the ways we make online business easy and safe, view our whitepapers  or contact us  today.