We made it to the finals of the Accenture Innovation Awards

Author: Nevlynn Janssen

Last updated: August 1, 2022


Out of 800 innovations who had registered we were invited to pitch before a jury during the semifinals of the Accenture Innovation Awards, we had just 1, yes really, just one minute to pitch our solution. Fortunately there was an additional 8 minutes for Q&A. The venue was buzzing with excitement and nervous entrepreneurs, for every category there were 10 semifinalists. All in all more than 100 entrepreneurs with great products, solutions and services waiting to have their 9 minutes (pitch+Q&A) on stage. 

Other finalists in The Internet of Me theme are:

3D sizing online - A 3D modeling service for your feet to find the perfect shoe

MIND Module - Make your disconnected car a connected car with the MIND-smartbox

Onegini - Mobile Security Platform - out of the box security for your mobile consumer apps

Triggi - Connects all your smart devices and smart apps 

Wonderflow – Actionable insights from consumer feedback - extracts actionable insights from any kind of consumer feedback, such as online reviews and call center data.

Congratulations to the finalists, good luck and see you October 28th at the finals!