On-demand Webinar: How You Can Use Mobile Apps To Turn Prospects Into Engaged Customers

Posted on August 6, 2015 by Nevlynn Janssen


Mobile apps are often overlooked. That is a missed opportunity, because mobile is an integral part of the omnichannel strategy. And an app can offer a real customer experience.

Why use mobile apps to engage with prospects and generate leads?

  • Prospects decide how they want to interact (omnichannel).
  • Mobile apps can create a great experience
  • Easily accessible product information


During the webinar we will show how you can use mobile apps to turn prospects into engaged customers.

Onegini and Yellowtail will deliver this joint webinar where we will show the possibilities based on practical use cases.





Smartphone use numbers and tablet penetration rates are impressive and we have seen this for a while now. This raises the question on what these developments mean for organizations and how to embrace them. Many financials have already developed and deployed apps on the market and taken steps in order to serve existing customers via mobile.

However, many financial services companies haven’t found a solid and lasting solution to attract new customers. Traditionally, they still think of using an inbound call center an outbound call center and their website. 


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