Onegini Updates

Discussion on the Fintech year ahead: What to expect?

GDPR compliance in the insurance sector: a quick guide

Onegini and Leakbot presented at DIA Munich

Onboarding strategies and metrics to get your customers online

The necessity of customer onboarding

Onegini Leakbot Pilot Program started

Multi-Factor Authenticator with Biometrics at Liferay Devcon

Digital Customer onboarding, where to start, how to intensify and what to do?

Onegini has been selected to speak at DIA 2017 Munich

The Future of Multi-Factor Authentication

3 Digital transformation challenges for insurers

Onegini presents 2d factor authentication with Liferay at Devcon Amsterdam

A personalized omnichannel experience without login

6 tips for onboarding (existing) insurance customers

The insurance agent is your trusted advisor

Why should you care about Social Engineering (or people-hacking)?

Watch Denis Joannides speak about empowering insurers at Kuppingercole

Why Onegini is a great place to work

Onegini shines at Digital Insurance Agenda

Onegini Connect 3.1 Carrot Release Webinar

Onegini Connect 3.1 Carrot - webinar June 14th, 3:00 PM CEST

QR Authentication / Login

Transaction Signing: it wasn't me?

Cross-Origin Resource Sharing support

Meet Onegini at European Identity & Cloud Conference 2017 | Kuppingercole | May 9 - 12

Security Proxy 2.0: The Security Proxy as a Resource Gateway

Onegini at Holland Pavilion during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

Collaboration Incentro and Onegini for a Safe and Smart User Experience

Samenwerking Incentro en Onegini voor intelligent en veilig klantplatform

Onegini is one of the FAB 30 “Coolest Tech Companies”!

Has once again been recognized by CIOReview as one of 20 most promising API Solution Providers

Webinar: How to extend your API Security to Mobile Apps?

Onegini Client Advisory Board Meeting

Prime Minister Mark Rutte visits Onegini

Bezoek ons op het Innovatiecongres Veiligheid en Justitie

Choosing the Right Security Controls for Consumer-Orientated Mobile Apps.... And why EMM does not work.

Onegini is challenging Gemalto and IBM in this years Sprout Challenger50 list

Myriad of Hacked IoT Gadgets Cause the All-Time DDoS Attack Outburst

On-demand webinar:  Onegini Mobile Security Platform 3.0 What's new?

Onegini announces Mobile Security Platform 3.0

On-demand webinar: Password-free Banking with Biometrics

Position #27 on the MKB Innovatie Top 100 list

We made it to the finals of the Accenture Innovation Awards

Onegini First Sponsor of the Holland Pavilion at MWC2017 in Barcelona

Meet Onegini at Biometrics in Banking and Payments, Amsterdam 8 December

Meet Onegini at Biometrics in Banking and Payments, London 21 October

Onegini at GITEX 2016 in Dubai, 16 - 20 October

Meet Onegini in Rijswijk or Amsterdam at the Innovation Day - 29 September

Onegini semifinalst at Accenture Innovation Awards

Meet us at Sibos in Geneva, 26 - 29 September

Within five years we want to give a billion people access to secure mobile services

Accenture Innovation Awards

Within five years we want to give a billion people access to secure mobile services

14 Security and Privacy Settings for Every iOS User

7 Tips to Avoid Mobile Break-In

Mobile security in the news – Issue #1

Onegini entered the MKB Innovatie Top 100 list

Prime Minister of the Netherlands Mark Rutte will visit Onegini at the HSD - June 9

Onegini finalist Dell for Entrepreneurs 2016

Denis Joannides speaker at the Trust in the Digital World 2016 Conference - June 15 - 16

IDnext: Citizens in a Digital Market Conference on June 14th

10 Common Reasons for Apple Rejecting Mobile Apps from the App Store

7 Essential Tools for Android That Will Boost Your Personal Security

Meet Onegini at Infosys Confluence in San Francisco - April 27 - 29

Dangerous Rooting Flaws Fixed in Android

Android’s Critical Media-Processing and Wi-Fi Flaws Fixed by Google

Infosys Finacle Partners with Onegini to Strengthen Digital Banking Offering

Islamic State Has Developed an Encrypted Communication App of Its Own

Are Enterprises Able to Not Let Security Threats Drive Clients Away?

Onegini and KPMG host a hackathon at Mobile360 Privacy & Security event in The Hague

IDC Report: 2016 Will See Mobile Internet Users Topping 2 Billion Worldwide

Smart TVs Pave the Way for the Next Cybercrime Wave

Lost Gadgets Responsible for Mass Healthcare Security Incidents

Apple Concerned about the Proposed Spying Law in the UK

Sensitive Data Leaked by an HIV Dating Mobile App

Enterprises Team Up to Improve Encryption in Mobile Apps

Top 5 Mobile Payment Risks That May Leave Businesses Bankrupt

The Definitive Security Checklist for Launching an iOS Application

Permission Hijacking Flaw in WebEx Meetings App Patched by Cisco

Google Fixes Crucial Media Rooting and Processing Flaws in Android

Apps are key for business continuity, hear what Jeroen Starrenburg has to say about that at Online Betaal Congres - March 8

7 Basic Security Tips to Follow when Using Digital Wallets

Denis Joannides panel member at the 15th European Payment Summit from 10 - 11 March in Brussels

Come join us at Money 20/20 4 - 7 April in Copenhagen

7 Ways Wi-Fi Can Be Used against You by Hackers

Millions of Android Users Affected by a Google Play Virus That Continues Ravaging Up to This Date

Shopping Mobile Apps Can Put Your Identity at Risk

New PIN and Chip Hack Revealed by Researchers

Certifi-Gate Vulnerability Allows Recording of Mobile Gadget Screen

Onegini is nominated for the 2016 European FinTech awards

NHS Health Apps Library Filled with Data-Stealing Applications

The Impending Battle of Software VS Hardware in Mobile Security

Understanding Smartphone Encryption

The Modern Guide to Mobile Security Survival

Digital Transformation Essential for Secure Online Financial Services

Lunch event 'Digital Transformation'

iPhones Under a Great Threat from the YiSpecter Malware

Are Mobile Users Disrupting Your Efforts in Mobile Security Improvement?

Android Users Facing a Great Risk. Thanks, device makers!

Onegini is partner van het Dutch Mobile Community Holland House tijdens het Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona

Android PIN-Locking Ransomware Targets US with a ‘Higher Profits’ Promise

7 Common Security Mistakes Made by Mobile Device Users

How Can Threat Intel Boost Your Mobile Security?

6 Effective Tips for Smartphone Security and Privacy

An Android App Security Bug That Affects Everything

5 Mobile Security Myths

Onegini CEO Denis Joannides nominated for the Dutch Digital Leader Award

AirDrop Flaw Stores Malware on All Apple’s pre-iOS 9 Gadgets

Top 8 Areas to Address When Testing App Security

Feds Take Notice Of Management And Testing

The Hatch Firm and InnovationQuarter invest in mobile security platform Onegini

The Hatch Firm en InnovationQuarter investeren in mobiel securityplatform Onegini

5 Amazing and Incredible ways of Smartphone Hacks

Onegini Selected as a 2015 Red Herring Top 100 Global

On-demand webinar: How To Get Rid Of Those Pesky Hardware Tokens

Smartphone Security Software - The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Onegini is Short-Listed for the 2015 Red Herring 100 Global Award

Apple iOS Vulnerability Leaves Malware Around Even after Deletion

SAML Authentication with AngularJS and Spring Security

Mobile Network Security In 4G LTE And 5 Tips To Ensure Mobile Data Security

Onegini BV will receive first Secure Software Certificate.

Onegini BV ontvangt als eerste Certificaat Secure Software

Mobile Data Security Threats To Your Enterprise

Onegini named as one of the 20 Most Promising API Solution Providers

How Mobile Security Impacts Your Enterprise

Official Sources Don't Guarantee Secure Applications

Onegini will accompany Prime Minister Rutte on trip to USA.

Onegini reist mee met minister-president Rutte naar de VS

How Mobile App Security Affects Development and Testing

5 Threats to Mobile App Security

Developing Secure Applications and Preventing Identity Breach

Applications with Perfect User Reviews Can Still Be Hacked

PSD2 XS2A - Mobile Data Transfer Done Right

6 Ways Your Personal Data May Get Stolen from Your Mobile Gadget

Hacking Your Security Officer

4 Things You May Be Missing about Mobile App Security

Is True Mobile App Security Actually Possible Today?

Question: How hackable are Windows Phone apps?

Question: How Hackable Are iOS Apps?

Is Your Mobile Phone Data Safe?

On-demand Webinar: How You Can Use Mobile Apps To Turn Prospects Into Engaged Customers

On-demand Webinar: Mobile App Management for Consumer Apps

I am Screwed (pardon my French) because of recent Hacker Attacks

Hacking Mobile Apps Is Easy

Question: How Hackable Are Android Apps?

Major release: Windows Phone SDK for Onegini Mobile Security Platform

Pizza session: Roundtable discussion on 'Payload Encryption'

Mobile App Security Name and Shame

On-demand Webinar: Fingerprint Authentication done right

White paper: Digital Transformation for Insurance Companies

Two-factor Authentication for Mobile Consumer Apps

7 Steps To Build Your First Secure Mobile App

Pizza session 'How to develop highly secure mobile apps'

Secure software starts with secure software development

Mobile app developers are not to blame

Webinar: IAK zet mobiele apps in om te voldoen aan de UM09 richtlijn.

61 percent of organizations believe the real risk to mobile apps is data leakage

7 Things You Need To Know Before Creating Mobile Apps

Meet Onegini at InfoShare Gdańsk - Tech, New Media & Startups Festival

Why is it a good choice to use OAuth in modern architectures

Enabling Secure Mobility

Onegini presents at the Benelux Tech Tour

Onegini wins Red Herring Award

Onegini is a Finalist for the Red Herring Top 100 Europe Award

Onegini Joins the FIDO Alliance

Kees Smaling, CIO AEGON about the success of Onegini (in Dutch)

Cross-border education with guest access from Onegini at Avans University (in Dutch)

White paper: Digital Transformation Insurance Companies

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